Come and discover here the images and the world of our illustrators.

Elisa Gehin

Elisa’s big, dark eyes contemplate the world around her with a lively, piercing gaze. She watches, questions and thinks deeply. Her deceptively simple images interpret, express and open our minds. Elisa Géhin was born in 1984 in the very high Vosges Mountains in France. She studied at the Ecole Estienne in Paris and then Decorative… Read more »

Martin Jarrie

Martin Jarrie’s deep voice welcomes and cocoons you, as do his profound, sensitive paintings. His universe, with its dense, intense colours, its layers built up like the stages of a picture being formed, make the image more beautiful and precise as it unfolds. Painter and illustrator, Martin Jarrie lives and works in Paris since 1981…. Read more »

Florie Saint-Val

Florie is a young illustrator whose fresh approach shows in her work. Her lively, colourful palette and her naive, exuberant style convey a joie de vivre that makes you want to laugh and join in. Florie Saint-Val studied at the Estienne School and Decorative Art in Paris, she graduated in illustration. She finds her inspiration in… Read more »

Delphine Jacquot

Delphine creates entire worlds full of highly original characters depicted in minute detail and delicately woven into the image, transporting us into the realm of the imagination. After graduating at the Beaux-arts of Rennes in layout and communication, Delphine continues her studies at the Académie des Beaux-arts in Bruxelles in illustration. Soon she works with… Read more »

Anne Crausaz

Anne lives a rural existence surrounded by nature. Her work reflects her keen observation of the world around her in all its precision and beauty. She casts her serene gaze on our world calmly, from a distance. Anne Crausaz was born in 1970. She works and lives in Lausanne, Switzerland.  After graduating in graphic design at… Read more »